Annual Meeting Minutes – November 15, 2016 @ 6:30 pm

Dakota Ridge Village

Community Master Association


Annual Meeting Minutes

November 15, 2016 @ 6:30 pm



Call to Order 6:30pm


Approval of Minutes


Year in Review

  • Sprinkler systems update
    • We discovered in early 2016 form the Condo Board that their sprinkler system had been sprinkling part to the Master HOA land both at the front entrance and along Laramie.  During the summer we split the cost to divide the sprinkler system so there isn’t any overlap in the future.
    • Because the Condo’s have been watering some of the Master HOA property we agreed to reimburse the Condo HOA for some of the past water bills.  In order to come up with a fair dollar amount of what to pay them the Master HOA has been asking for meetings with the manager and the Board as well as a copy of their water bills and how much they have changed in the last year.  We are still in the process of trying to come up with a dollar amount to pay the Condo’s.
  • Community Center/Pool and new 8 plex’s
    • The city approved the site plan for all of the buildings and the pool.
    • Markel would like to start the infrastructure on the project by late March and start building by April.  They hope to have the community center completed by late summer 2017.  The pool would start construction once the community building is ¾ complete.
    • Drawings were present for everyone at the meeting to see and review.
    • Discussed the costs of the pool, possible increase of around $21/month for non AH members and $6/month for AH units.
    • Discussed how the pool would be built different options that we are looking into.
    • Financing for the pool.  We are planning on using roughly $200k form the reserves and taking out a line of credit for $700k.  However since we anticipate the pool and surrounding areas to cost roughly $750k to build and furnish the community center etc. we hope to only use $550k of the line of credit.  The reason for talking out more is to have a safety net.
    • Passed out and discussed the projected operating budget for the pool and the community center.
    • Once we have more information about the pool we will hold a meeting with everyone in the neighborhood to discuss the project.


  • Markel has agreed to be the GC on the pool
    • We attempted to get bids from a number of commercial CG’s and we received one bid at $1,500,000 and no one else would bid it.
    • Markel has agreed to build the pool for the Master HOA with a fixed price of $650,000
    • The pool committee will be meeting and commencing on the project ASAP.
    • Further discussion with the neighborhood will be at future meetings.


Upcoming Year

  • Construction
    • Will begin in early spring
    • We’ve asked that Markel and the construction company refrain from using Laramie as a means to access the construction site and instead ask them to drive on 5th


  • Landscaping
    • No big changes in 2017.  Reminder to Single Family home and sub HOA’s about landscaping hanging over sidewalks and growing into sidewalks.
  • Eco passes
    • If you have a current Eco Pass, you must use it in the month of January or else you will need to renew the pass with the city.


  • Discussed & Passed with no questions.


Open Forum

  • Reviewed the ARC process.  Forms for the master HOA are on our website.  Sub HOA’s must initially go through their respective boards and then have it passed at the master level.
  • There was some discussion on pesticides used on the turf by the Master HOA.  We will try and use a more ecofriendly pesticide in the spring.


Election of Board

  • Erin Trotta running for a 2 year term – voted in unanimously.
  • Michael McGuirk voted to the board.  We now have three board members.



Adjournment – 7:0pm meeting adjourned

Dakota Ridge Village Annual Meeting 2016

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