Q: How many units are in the Master HOA?

A: When complete, Dakota Ridge Village will have a total of 412 units and the Community Building.

Q: What do my Homeowner Association dues cover for the Master HOA?

A: For the Master HOA your dues will cover:  

  • the ECO pass
  • maintenance of the dog stations
  • landscaping of the common areas
  • snow removal from the common area sidewalks
  • maintenance of the perimeter fences and the drainage areas. 

In the future it will also cover the management and maintenance of the community building and pool.

Q: What do I need to do if I want to make any changes to my landscaping or exterior of my property?  This also includes the area inside of the fences in a single family home.

A: Depending on if you are a single family home, condo unit or townhouse; the procedure will be slightly different.  In all cases you will need to fill out an architectural improvement request however you will need to fill out the form corresponding to the HOA you are in.  If you live in a single family home, the form should be submitted to Mock Property Management.  If you live in a sub association, have the request approved by your Architectural Review Committee of you sub HOA first and then submit it to the Master along with your Sub HOA’s approval.

The AIR form and governing documents for the Master HOA can be found here. Please be sure to contact your individual Association for their specific forms and approval.

Q: What exterior maintenance am I responsible for?

A: The Single Family Homes are responsible for the landscaping and snow removal on their property.  The Townhouse and Condo sub-associations are responsible for the areas around their units. 

The Master HOA is responsible for maintenance on the common areas. Find your HOAContact Info

The park between Laramie Blvd. and Dakota Blvd. is maintained by the City of Boulder. The City of Boulder Parks Department can be reached at 303-413-7270.

All of the streets in Dakota Ridge Village are the responsibility of the City of Boulder. If you ever have any concerns regarding snow removal on any streets within Dakota Ridge Village, you can contact the City of Boulder Street Maintenance Department at 303-413-7162.

Q: How do you get an ECO Pass?

A: Part of every association members’ monthly HOA dues pay for the community’s participation in the RTD Neighborhood Eco-Pass program.  Over the years this program has evolved and now has a “smart-card” system.  You are issued a card with your individual information and photo. (In the past you had decals) Every year, dedicated eco-pass coordinators renew your status with RTD and your smart card is reactivated.  The reactivation period is in January.  This means to reactivate your card you must ride the bus and use your card in January.  You must live in the community to acquire the Neighborhood Eco-Pass smart card, or if you rent your property, your tenant is eligible for the card.  For more information about the Neighborhood Eco-Pass, contact your association manager.

Q: Where can I park my trailer?

A: No house trailer, camping trailer, horse trailer, camper, camper shells, boat trailer, hauling trailer, boat or boat accessories, truck larger than ¾ ton, recreational vehicle or equipment, mobile home or commercial vehicle may be parked or stored anywhere within the Community so any portion of it is visible from neighboring Dwellings or Condominium Units, Common Areas or from the street unless they are being actively loaded or unloaded.

Parking is not allowed on landscaped lawn areas or in fire lanes.

Q: Are we allowed to have short term rentals in the neighborhood such as Airbnb, VRBO, etc.? 

A: No. The minimum people can rent there place out for is 6 months.