October Board Meeting Minutes

Master HOA Meeting 10.12.18

Master HOA Meeting
October 12, 2018


Diane Soucheray President DRV Master Association
Michael McGuirk DRV Master Association
Beth Silverman Distinctive Property Management

Call to order 7:30am

Approve minutes from last meeting

• Review water bills and water line item on budget to make sure everything is in the correct category.
• RBM Invoices – Reviewing all bills. Need to verify all bills that were to be paid by Markel were sent on to them.
• Finalize budget for 2019, send to board to approve in the next week.

● Community Center
○ Still working on setting up Comcast and internet – should be installed by the end of October
○ Update all contact information on the website to contact Beth.
○ Beth taking over all calendar scheduling etc.
● We approved the updating documents that Maris recommended. Some are updates and others bring us up to code through the State of Colorado.
● Annual Meeting Agenda
○ Community Center Usage & Update
○ Eco Pass Financials & Usage update
○ “Dirt Patch” Update
● Dirt Patch
○ Discussion of the results of the survey. There was an equal split between people who responded for the xeriscape/no dues increase and the pool/$10 increase and save funds for the next few years until we can afford the pool.
○ We don’t think the neighborhood wants another survey, nor do we think removing the middle ground option would change the result since only 18 people voted for that option.
○ Our thoughts for moving forward are that the neighborhood needs to come back together and to get something built in the dirt area. We would like to build a compromise area where we have the highest and best use of the space with the funds we have. Therefor the people who votes for the xeriscape will not have a dues increase in relation to the dirt space and the people who wanted the pool will have a more usable family friendly space but not a pool.
○ Voted on this option to move forward and it was unanimously approved.
● Reviewed contracts for 2019:
○ Look at new landscape people for the gardening
○ Same snow people as 2018
○ Mowing staying the same for now
● Going to get a full reserve study in 2019 to include the commercial building.

Meeting Adjourn 8:30am