Results of the survey for the Dirt Area next to the Community Center

Thank you to everyone who participated in the survey for the space next to the community center! We had almost 50% of the neighborhood answer the survey that owned property in Dakota Ridge Village Master HOA. A summary of the answers are as follows:

Assuming the dues would go to roughly $58 for the Master HOA what would you prefer built in the dirt spot?

• 40% would like to vote for the pool loan again
• 21% would like a pool at a reduced cost
• 25% would like a community space with amenities
• 14% voted other – some of those answers were
o Build a retail store
o Other amenities no pool
o Saline pool & hot tub
o Nothing in this space

If you voted no for the pool or didn’t vote, why? (100 people answered this question & could choose multiple answers. Total will be greater than 100%)

• 48% concerned about increased HOA dues
• 41% thought the cost of the pool was too much
• 31% thought increased liability was too much
• 26% thought increase of $15 was too much
• 23% wouldn’t use the pool
• 19% concerned about the noise
• 19% thought the pool wasn’t big enough
• 16% concerned about environmental impact
• 13% tired of the vote
• 6% were out of town during the vote
• 5% knew that not voting was a no vote
• 25% answered they voted for the pool or wanted the pool

Rank your preference of what could be included in the dirt space if there wasn’t a pool (people could choose more than one, total is greater than 100%)

• 44% Splash Pad/ Fountain to play in
• 25% Lower Cost Option
• 22% Seating area
• 11% Outdoor Games
• 11% Fire Pits
• 9% Grills
• 8% Sun Sails for shade
• 2% Little Library

??? NOW WHAT ???

Join us for a meeting on July 9th or July 11th from 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm in the Community Center to discuss the next steps. If you want your voice heard and your opinion to count, please attend one of the two meetings.

If you would still like to participate in the survey, follow this link and let your voice be heard