Volunteers Needed

The neighborhood is rapidly nearing completions and with that there are more and more items for the board to manage. The documents are written so the Master HOA board is only 3 people and while that has some efficiency, it also leaves each person with many responsibilities.

We’re looking for help on a few committees:

Architectural Review Committee

  • Review Architectural requests
    Review Landscape requests

Newsletter writers

  • Help create and write the newsletter 2-3x’s a year.
  • Submit articles for the newsletter
  • Let us know about special interest stories in the neighborhood that may be of interest to everyone.

Community Center Committee

  • Help establish guidelines for the center; both hours and use.
  • Coordinate access to groups and people who would like to use the space.
  • Verify if the CC has been cleaned after each use or decide if the space needs a professional cleaning

Web Content

  • Update the Dakota Ridge Village Master HOA website with current information and news.

Neighborhood Speed Management Program

  • Coordinate with the city for the new 2018 program.